St. Martin


Pension DaJa and Bistro-Café DaJa

It invites you to a St. Martin’s feast with the possibility of accommodation

To St. Martin

the best is goose

look at the chest and the bones,

you will know what winter will come…

Attract winter with us. Have a free weekend, taste St. Martin’s goose and wine.

Maybe Martin will finally come on a white horse…

You will arrive on Friday when you start dinner (soup, main course, dessert)

After dinner you can go for a walk or have a glass of wine and just sit back. Children can play in the children’s corner or borrow a game.

On Saturday, head to the area after breakfast, or you can fly a kite to return to the excellent St. Martin’s feast, which begins at 17:00 with an appetizer, soup, main course and homemade dessert. We have prepared a bottle of St. Martin’s wine for older vintages and a gift for children.

There must be a roast goose on the table, which is also associated with a legend. It is said that St. Martin was so modest that before being admitted to the episcopal office, he hid among the geese, which, however, betrayed him by chirping. The St. Martin’s goose was also the last meat before the six-week Advent fast.

Based on the taste of the first wines of the year, the success of the whole year was evaluated. If all went well, the winemakers’ contract was extended for another year. That is a reason to celebrate.

This holiday has a long tradition in our country. This day announced the end of the agricultural season and the beginning of winter. After all, pranostika says that St. Martin will arrive on a white horse, ie he will “bring” the first snow.

Abroad, St. Martin’s fires are often lit in the early evening, and the holiday is also accompanied by processions, which are currently held in our country from time to time. And that’s why we decided to have a St. Martin’s parade with lanterns around the camp after dinner and look out for snow with the children.

When: 15.11. – 17.11. 2024

Accommodation: 2 nights with breakfast

included: * Day 1: dinner: soup, hl. run, dessert

* Day 2: dinner: 4-course St. Martin’s menu

* St. Martin’s bottle of wine (for children limo) from us as a gift for dinner

* wifi

* playground for children

* parking

Price: 2. 700, – CZK / per stay (adult)

2.300, – CZK / per stay (child 3 – 14,99 years)

children under 3 years without food and bed – free


If you have any questions, call the phone number +420 727 926 923, or write to and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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