Treetop Trail


You can visit the trail both in summer and in winter

Treetop Trail

The first Treetop Trail in the Czech Republic offers visitors a unique combination of experiences. The trail is sensitively integrated into the landscape around Lake Lipno and is a unique addition to the Active Park Lipno. On the 675-meter-long trail, you will find, in addition to a unique view from the 40-meter tower, a lot of adventurous experiences. All this makes the trail an ideal destination for active visitors, families and seniors.

The Trail includes educational didactic elements that will enrich and expand knowledge in the field of nature, its protection and the function of the forest. Not only for small visitors, but also for those who remained still young and did not leave the desire for adventure, there are three experience stations with rope elements. They are located at a height of 24 meters.

The Lipno Treetop Trail offers a completely new dimension of leisure activities, starting with a unique treetop walk, a view of the Šumava countryside, a unique view of Lake Lipno and the Novohradské Mountains.

Lookout tower

The trail ends with a 40-meter lookout tower, which is the true highlight of the trail. From the tower you will have a fantastic view of almost the entire part of Lake Lipno, the surroundings of Šumava and Novohradská mountain. The nine-sided tower is unique in its appearance, not only due to its airy architectural form, but also due to its accessibility, type and method of construction.

Toboggan and adrenaline stops

With a total length of 675 meters, you can experience completely unusual but safe experiences at 11 adrenaline stops, which are created along the barrier-free trail. The highlight is the longest dry water slide in the Czech Republic with a total length of 52 meters, which winds through the center of the tower. From the level of the trunks up to the tops of the trees, you will see countless life forms. Mosses, insects, small animals and birds can be observed from a unique perspective.

You can get to the Trail by cable car, Stezkabus, along a hiking or cycling route, you can diversify your way down by riding an off-road scooter, which you can rent at the top and return at the bottom.

In winter, jump on the Treetop Trail directly from the ski slope. In the skidepot, which is located at the top of Kramolín, put down your skis, change from frozen jumpers to the heated mountains and go for a walk in the treetops. You do not pay anything for the rented shoes and you can leave your ski equipment in the storage room during the walk, you just need to prove your own Lipno.card.

Parking by the cable car

The Lipno Treetop Trail is located at the top of Kramolín in the immediate vicinity of the Lipno Active Park. Free large-capacity parking for cars and buses is available directly at the cable car boarding station. The car park is used for visitors who want to use the transport to the Lipno Treetop Trail by cable car and for the disabled.

Cable car and bus

The modern four-seater cable car transports visitors to the Lipno Treetop Trail. For wheelchair users and families with children in prams, there is a bus available that takes visitors at regular intervals directly to the Lipno Treetop Trail.