Stifter’s Trail around Horní Planá


Stifter’s Trail

Monument to A. Stifter

The author of the idea to establish the Stifter Nature Trail is Mr. Milan Soukup, a former employee of the Šumava and Vimperk Protected Landscape Area Administration.

Work began on the trail in 1972, and in 1973 the trail was marked.

In 2003, the individual information boards were reconstructed.

Adalbert Stifter (1805 – 1868) was a writer and poet who was born in Horní Planá and there are many places reminiscent of a local native.

The route begins at the writer’s birthplace, where the Stifter Museum has been established since 1960 and continues across the square to the park with a monument to the poet Šumava, as A. Stifter is called.

The monument was ceremoniously unveiled in 1906.
The park in Dobrá Voda or Stifter’s Park was founded in 1884. There is a great diversity of woody plants.

From the panoramic panel you can see Plechý – 1378 m above sea level, the highest mountain in the Šumava on the Czech side and, with good visibility, the granite obelisk of A. Stifter, which was built in 1876-77 in honor of the poet.

In the valley you can see the Lipno Reservoir and the place where the Vltava formed a meander called the “Heart of the Vltava”.

Chapel in Dobra Voda

Through the alley we come to the chapel in Dobrá Voda from 1779.

The route continues along the road towards Hodňov to Stifter’s spruce, beech and from there through the forest to the open countryside and back to his native house.

It is an undemanding route, which is suitable for all visitors to the Hornoplán region and the length of the circuit is about 4 km.