Plešné Lake


Plešné Lake is located in Šumava.

From the pension DaJa you can drive, which is 21 km in the direction of Volary or by bike along the bike path to Nova Pec about 9 km and then on to the lake about 11 km. You can also take the train from Horní Planá to Nová Pec.

Plešné Lake (formerly Plekenštejn Lake) is a lake of glacial origin, located west of the village of Nová Pec under the Plechý Mountain (1378 m above sea level), in the 1st zone of the Šumava National Park and is part of the Trojmezná hora natural monument. The lake has an area of ​​about 7.5 ha and is up to 18 m deep. The 220 m high Jezerní stěna rises above the lake and about 200 m below the lake there is a granite stone sea on an area of ​​6 ha.

The Spirit of the Forest adventure trail begins on the dam of Plešné Lake.

Learn more:

• accessibility – Plešné Lake is freely accessible all year round along marked hiking trails
• transport – the nearest bus stop Nová Pec (approx. 8 km along the green tourist trail), the nearest train stop Nová Pec (approx. 8.2 km along the green tourist trail)
• parking – free in the village of Nová Pec or in the village of Jelení