Hochficht Ski Resort


Hochficht Ski Resort – Austria

The Hochficht ski resort is Austria’s largest ski resort outside the Alps and, without exaggeration, the largest “Czech” ski resort. It is located just a few kilometers from the popular Lipno Lake and about 40 km from the guest house.

Hochficht offers you attractive skiing comparable to smaller alpine resorts, excellent snow security, quality ski pass prices, sufficient activities for children, beginners and experienced skiers and very convenient skiing for families with small children and youth.

1338 m above sea level, 20.8 km of slopes, 10 transport facilities, 13 slopes


A hot new product is the multifunctional Skiarena Hochficht building in the shape of a giant boomerang with a modern glass restaurant, a children’s corner, cash registers, a ski rental, a school and an Intersport store.
The new Fichtl Kids Park is located right next to the new family restaurant in Skiarena Hochficht. If you don’t speak German, don’t worry – the Czech-speaking staff works in the restaurants.