Fishing in Lipno


Fishing in Lipno – near the house is an ideal place for fishermen.

The pension is located on the shores of Lipno where you can fish. You can rent a fishing boat from us.

The 4870 ha large Lipno Lake is a paradise for fishermen! Due to the fact that it has never been completely drained since the end of the 1950s, when the lake was built, fish of capital sizes have been growing here. The world’s pike with 25.40 kg was even caught here.

Access to water is practically everywhere possible. The bottom of the lake shows only a slight slope. The entire left bank of the lake is easily accessible and well equipped for fishing from the shore. The right side of the lake is very difficult to access. In earlier times, there was a border zone. Here we can catch capital catches of pike or carp, certainly there is the largest number of stumps hidden under water.

When fishing from a boat, we must pay attention to the possibility of a sudden change in weather. The strong wind associated with big waves comes very fast and can surprise you unpleasantly. We therefore recommend going out on the water in pairs and, if the weather worsens, it is better to go to the shore.